Rio de Janeiro with the Carioca Spirit


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Posto Zero is a cool digital guide of Rio run by locals. In this social platform, the one to judge "what's hot" and "what's not" throughout the city, is the user himself. After all, not everyone knows that a great place for a cold one may serve some tasteless finger-foods. These insights give a play-by-play of the city’s best options, according to the natives. What Rio has to offer? Let's face it, only a Carioca truly knows – be it by birth or choice, it doesn’t matter… as long as its heartfelt. It’s easy to enjoy yourself in this postcard city. Nevertheless, knowing what to expect from each venue helps to turn a “good time” into an unforgettable experience.

For those visiting the city, it’s your chance of NOT acting like a 'gringo' (outsider) – thinking you’ll have dinner where people go for snack and vice versa. For those familiar with the area, stopping by Posto Zero is a fun and easy way to know what is going on in town. Just left the beach and want some sushi in Ipanema? In the mood for a drink somewhere there’s music but not necessarily a club? Simply hanging out in a neighborhood you don’t know so well? At Posto Zero, you’ll find an opportunity to share and enjoy the “local wisdom”. Plus, you still get the week’s schedule on the best events throughout Rio. Come take a look!

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How 'bout you? Are you a true expert on the Carioca culture?

Posto Zero’s challenge is a game that measures your knowledge of the city. It’s divided into chapters in which famous local characters must be found throughout Rio. To accomplish, you must answer a few questions correctly and give your opinion on some of the city’s venues. Whoever proves being the uttermost scholar on Rio’s entertainment wins. So, dare to take a shot?

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