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Privacy and Security Policy

Posto Zero knows how important it is for you to understand and be safe on the use of your personal data . Therefore , we care to clarify and publicize our policy on the use of such information . So you can better understand what information we collect and how we use it . To ensure clear and precise rules , Post Zero may change this policy from time to time , and therefore, recommends reading it periodically. This policy will let you know about:

Collected information

Posto Zero collects information in several ways , in different areas of the site . Some personal information is gathered when you register . During the registration process , Post Zero requires your name , email address and other personal information . The more accurate information you provide, the better Posto Zero will be able to customize your experience so you can share your experiences and opinions about places and events . After registering , you will be able to use and enjoy the benefits of a registered user of Post Zero , including participation in promotions , online events , raffles , prizes .

Posto Zero has several partners and / or sponsors , which also create sweepstakes and promotions , offering numerous goods and / or services through websites that are accessed within Posto Zero . The information you provide when you visit and / or complete transactions on these sites are obtained by these partners and / or sponsors and are accordingly subject to their own practices to obtain and use data without any liability towards Post Zero for the handling of such information . If you access our Website through a click on a site operated by one of our partners and already have registered with that partner , certain information provided may be transmitted to us . For information on the policies and privacy practices of these partners and / or sponsors , we suggest you locate the specific relationship rules within the partner's website .

We have partnered with Facebook to offer instant personalization on Posto Zero’s website to Facebook members . If you configured instant personalization as " activated " in your privacy settings on Facebook and logged in to Facebook , Posto Zero’s website will be customized for you when you visit , even if it is the first time you visit the Site . To provide you with this personalized experience , Facebook provides us with the information that you provided in accordance with your privacy settings . This information may include your name , profile picture, gender , list of friends and any other information you provided . If you decide to disable instant personalization feature later , you can log in to Facebook and click the link to disable . You can also disable instant personalization by editing your privacy settings in Facebook . Note that if you have friends on Facebook who use Post Zero , they can also have shared information about you with us through Facebook . If you want to prevent this sharing , you can edit your privacy settings for Facebook .

"Cookies" and its Usefulness

Cookies are small text files sent to your computer . Cookies are stored on your computer . These small files are to recognize , track and store user navigation on the Internet . The use of cookies to track and store information allows Posto Zero to understand how visitors use our site , to offer a more personalized service , according to the characteristics and interests of its users , enabling even the offer of content and advertising specific to each person , benefiting the user experience on the Internet . In general , cookies are used to: ( i ) provide differentiated services , remembering who you are and your browsing habits , and access the registration information in Posto Zero ( stored on our servers ) , (ii ) assist our partners to track visits and business in their establishments ; ( iii ) monitor the progress of promotions when a promotion organized by Posto Zero uses cookies , the information written to the cookie indicates the user's score , ( iv ) measuring certain navigation pattern, mapping out which areas of the website you visited, and your visiting habits as a whole ( we use this information to verify the routine of our users' browsing and thus provide content and / or services increasingly personalized ) (v ) facilitate and speed up the completion of forms . ( information contained in every user cookies may be used to pre-populate forms for collecting data on the Internet ) . Thus , we can identify your preferences at each visit , presenting you with a customized website , without forcing you to log in each time you visit the Site .

Advertisers , partners and / or sponsors of Posto Zero may use their own cookies , which are not covered by this policy . We suggest that you consult the privacy policies of those companies .

Use of Information

Information collected by Posto Zero will be used to customize the content and / or services provided , making it more useful to you . This includes personalization services , automatic log -in at each visit, interactive communications and other services . Knowing more about you , Posto Zero can provide more relevant content and services and therefore provide a better online experience .

The information may also be used to generate general statistical data with informative or commercial purpose . Geographic information , demographic , psychographic and usage profile of users of Posto Zero may be provided to partners , sponsors , advertisers or other outside companies without the names being revealed or other navigational data .

The personal information will not be sold or provided to third parties under any circumstances , except in strict compliance with court orders or similar legal procedures. All information provided to partners , sponsors , advertisers and others are just user groups ( market segments ) .

Information Collection

When Posto Zero requests your personal information , this information will be sent only to sites managed by Posto Zero , unless it is stated otherwise . Some partners , sponsors , advertisers and others that are accessed through Posto Zero’s Site may request financial and / or your personal information . In these cases, such information is not being sent to Post Zero and, therefore , the site shall have no liability for the use and management of this information . Whenever you access other advertisers or web sites through links on Posto Zero’s Site, those may collect information about you . We recall that for the privacy practices of such partners and third parties are not covered by this policy and may be different from Post Zero’s privacy standards.

Sharing of Information

Posto Zero do not to disclose information that may identify you , except when authorized by you or in circumstances set out in this present policy . In some cases , this identification will be required if you purchase a particular service or win a prize whose delivery in order to be made , require your personal information . The identification may also be required in order for a particular business transaction to be completed. The disclosure of your data may also happen due to legal requirements . We may disclose your personal information in some circumstances , listed in the following cases : ( i ) to business partners and sponsors , however, in these cases , you will be consulted even before the data collection or transfer is done . Details of shared use can be found in contracts for specific use and also the rules of the promotion , (ii ) some promotions offer opportunities to request additional information from sponsors . Requesting more information , you give the Posto Zero permission to transfer your personal information to the sponsor so they can fulfill their request , ( iii ) in special cases when we have reason to believe that disclosing this information is necessary to identify, contact or take legal action against someone who may be causing injury to or interference with ( either intentionally or unintentionally ) the rights or property of Posto Zero , other users or anyone else that could be harmed by such activities , ( iv ) when required by law and administrative and other purposes that we deem necessary to maintain and improve our products and services .

Safety Precautions and General Information

Posto Zero’s account information are password protected so that only you have access to your personal information . Your password is secret and we recommend you not to tell anyone . Posto Zero will not request , in any event , either by email or phone , your personal password.

No data transmission over the Internet is 100 % secure. Thus , although Posto Zero always do it’s best to protect your personal information , we can not guarantee the security of any information you may provide to us . It's a personal decision to use the service under these conditions .

The User is responsible for maintaining their privacy and the confidentiality of passwords and / or personal information . Therefore , we recommend when accessing the Internet to always seek policy / privacy statement of the site you are accessing .

Tell your children not to tell strangers your password . Teach them not to provide any personal information , including their names , and tell them never to fill online forms without first asking your permission .

Use complex passwords . Simple passwords are easy to be broken. Use complex passwords long enough combinations of letters and numbers that require unusual keyboard combinations. Never give your password to anyone online . Just provide your password to make purchases in person . If your password was provided , change it immediately.

Personal ads and chat rooms are public domain . Any information that you disclose in chat rooms , forums or personal ads will be available to anyone with access to these sites . We suggest that you avoid including information that allow people to find you , such as your phone number or mailing address ."